Green pre-Oscar party in Hollywood

The organization Global Green USA will be hosting a green pre-Oscar party at the Avalon Hollywood on Wednesday, February 26th. The zero-waste party will bring together Hollywood’s elite activists and eco-conscious celebrities to enjoy a night of plant-based dining by … Read more

Green Consciousness on the Set

Since Spring 2013, student films at the Hamburg Media School have been produced sustainably. The students plan their productions according to the criteria that are required to receive Green Shooting Card certification, which is issued by the Film Förderung Hamburg … Read more

What producers want

Saving energy is a key requirement for every green film production. Best Practice Guides advise to use energy efficient lighting. With LED lights, energy savings of up to 80% can be achieved.

„Using LED lighting is an ecological and economic … Read more

A Climate of Change

Situated in a broad strip of woodland just outside Munich, the Bavaria Film Studios have revolutionized their energy policy. The heating system works sustainably with geothermal energy and electricity which is generated by hydropower. Not only has the studio’s infrastructure … Read more