Going green is a matter of survival

At the MIA Market in Rome, the Sardegna Film Commission, the Trentino Film Commission and the Torino-Piemonte Film Commission presented their approaches and concepts to green the productions in Italy. In order to define certain standards for sustainable film production, the Italian Film Commissions are going to adapt the Edison Green Movie protocol.


The Green protocol in Italy started with Carlo Cresto-Dina,  producer of Tempesta Film Productions who developed a green protocol for the energy provider Edison by applying the guidelines of the PGA Green of America. After the producer left Edison, he developed a new protocol while Edison created the Edison Green Movie procol. But until 2014, the green film production in Italy was only done by single production companies or single producers that were motivated to apply the sustainable guidelines for their productions.



IMG_1811Green production in Italy might get a boost by the new collaboration of the Sardegna Film Commission, the Trentino Film Commission and the Torino-Piemonte Film. „In Trentino we already have eco-labels for restaurants, catering and events“, reports Luca Ferrario from Trentino Film Commission. The first movie which will be produced sustainably as possible in Trentino is Resina by Renzo Carbonera. „My film is about a young musician who can’t make her career in the big city“, says the writer/ director: „When she moves back to her homeland, she conducts a male choir which as been fallen apart.“


„For Italy going green is a matter of survival for certain territories“, emphasizes Nevina Satta, CEO of the Sardegna Film Commission. „For islands like Sardinia measures such as recycling or energy savings are no longer postponable.“ The idea is to spread the word among the producers that green is financially convenient. „Sustainable behaviour is a necessity to create the best relationship with the local communities giving them a sense of respect in their own land which creates the best conditions to shoot with their support“, sums up Nevina Satta. „We also think that a green protocol is an opportunity to find new investors and become competitive with a marketing tool that has not yet been exploited in its full potential.“











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