Green Cinema in Venice

At the 13th Art Cinema = Action + Management initiative of the International Confederation of Art Cinemas (CICAE), that provides an intense training for young exhibitors during the International Venice film festival, Green Cinema was an issue for the first time. While Spanish CICAE board member and exhibitor Pedro Barbadillo made a presentation on green energy for cinemas, Green Film Shooting Publisher Birgit Heidsiek gave an overview about measures and tools that exhibitors can take to reduce their carbon footprint.


Energy-efficient actions such as saving electricity, heating and cooling are also cost-saving. The broad bandwidth of potential possibilities to save energy starts with simple steps such as switching off the light and adjusting the temperature, small investments like replacing incandescent lightening with energy-efficient LEDs up to the installation of a reactive current compensation plant.Further sustainable steps that will be certified with the Green Cinema logo include renewable energy, sustainable concession products and wast e managment.


CarmenCinemas can also encourage the audience to ride with a bicycle to a film show, as pointed out by Cathleen Tanti, Manager of the Picturehouse Central Cinema in London. In the refurbished Crouch End Picturehouse Cinema, more than bikes can be stored save in a garage. Furthermore, there are solar panels installed on the roof of the former paper factory. How much solar power is actually produced is shown on a display in the lohby to the cinemagoers.


carmenFor projectionist and film programmer Carmen Slijpen, sustainability plays a key role in cinema business. In April 2017, she and her business partner Robert Senior will open a new cinema in the city of Lewes which will have a state-of-the-art heating and cooling system  to the geothermal energy. If the 16 pumps in the yard will generate more energy than needed, it will be feeded in the grid.


Meanwhile, Solar Cinema Manager Maureen Prins is expanding her activities to further countries and continents. As the first arthouse in the US, The Loft Cinema in Tuscon, Texas, is installing  Solar  Cinema. The solar-powered open air cinema will premiere at the SXSW Eco festival in mid-October.


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