Mallorca is going green

At the Green Film Shooting workshop in Palma, the Mallorca Film Commission and the Illes Balear Film Commission presented various environmental-friendly production measures and tools to the local producers, production managers and service producers. "We are planning to introduce a Green Shooting Card in Mallorca", says Pedro Barbadillo, Managing Director, Mallorca Film Commission.



Producers already need to follow certain restrictions when they are shooting on the popular Mediterranean island. There are complaints because it takes too long until permissions are issued . In addition, the shooting fees have been increased  from €600 to €1,400 per day.  The Film Comissioner will change this situation and introduce a green shooting card that will create better production conditions for productions when they are shooting more environment-friendly.




An overview about the various approaches and initiatives of sustainable film production in Europe and the US was provided by Green Film Shooting-Publisher Birgit Heidsiek. Meanwhile Christiane Dopp, Film Commission Hamburg, pointed out the criterias on which the Green Shooting Card is based. The green label has been awared to about 90 sustainably produced film/TV projects all across Germany.



In Mallorca is a tremendous interest by the media for green film production. The Spanish TV  as well as daily newspapers and several magazines covered the two-day event on sustainable film production.  The Green Film Shooting workshop was attended by round about  20 Spanish filmmakers as well as representatives from the Natural Spaces and Biodiversity from the Government of the Balearic Islands.



Sustainability on set in alread an issue for the Mallorca-based service production company Palma Pictures, that started environmental-friendly practices in 2010 such as meatless Fridays, reusable water bottles, re-use of props and set pieces,  recycling of paper and cans. In collaboration with one of their main wardrobe specialists, Palma Pictures started a costume rental house in Mallorca to avoid unnecessary expense and waste.


Pedro Barbadillo and Angela Bosch, Director, Illes Balear Film Commission, are planning to give incentives to production  companies that will motivate them to produce environmental-friendly. Therefore, they are going to offer further training workshops.

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