Cannes: 2017 Cine-Regio Green Report

Cannes competition director Fatih Akin has been awarded a Green Shooting Card for the Diane Kruger starrer In the Fade; French actor Audrey Dana is representing Ecoprod as its Ambassador in Cannes; and Italian filmmaker Peter Mercias is premiering his green-produced film Strollica in the Short Film Corner. And this year’s Producer on the Move Verena Gräfe-Höft has continued following best practices since her Un Certain Regard entry Nothing Bad Can Happen in 2013.



In the international film industry, there is a growing understanding that the careful management of resources is often a win-win situation — for the budget as well as for the environment. A key driver of this development in Europe is the Green Cine-Regio Subgroup that launched its brand new report on sustainable film and media production at the Majestic Hotel in Cannes. Compiled by Birgit Heidsiek, Publisher of Green Film Shooting Magazine, the 2017 Cine-Regio Green Report provides an overview of eco-friendly efforts taken by the film industry across Europe.


From pre-production planning to studio film production, from post-production to theatrical release, various approaches to sustainability cover the entire production chain. A growing number of regional funds are gaining shareable green experience with best practices, tools, and training.



The survey, structured along twelve topics, focuses on sustainable production efforts in twelve European regions. The implementation of green measures is supported by different approaches and incentives. Models and methods may vary from region to region but the goal is always addressing climate change. Environmentally friendly practices can be implemented in the workflow of any film or media production — as various projects in the 2017 Cine-Regio Green Report demonstrate.



“Greening the film sector may challenge film professionals and film funds — but the challenge is nothing compared to the Climate Change Challenge”, emphasizes Charlotte Appelgren, General-Secretary, Cine-Regio. “So let’s continue to inspire, exchange and share!“


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