Cannes Film Festival: Sustainability in Action

For the fourth time, Cine-Regio and Green Film Shooting will host a panel discussion on green film production at the Cannes Film Festival. Officially opened by Charlotte Applegren, General-Secretary, Cine-Regio, the conference will feature discussions between producers, eco-consultants and film fund managers.  Sustainability in film and TV production is not rocket science, as Melanie Dicks from Greenshoot in London and Charles Gachet-Dieuzeide from Paris-based eco-consultant company Secoya are going to explain. Every action we take has an impact on the environment. Therefore, film professionals need to manage the resources carefully while carbon emissions as well as waste need to be reduced.


Green strategies for the film industry are often developed and supported by film funds and public organisations. In France, the Ecoprod collectif takes various actions to reduce the carbon footprint of film and TV productions. Joanna Gallardo, Head of International Relations Paris Film Region will speak about the green incentives that are given out by the Ile-de-France Film Commission. In Italy, Nevina Satta, CEO, Sardegna Film Foundation, and Luca Ferrario, Project Manager, Trentino Film Commission & Film Fund, launched training initiatives as well as financial incentives to foster sustainable film  production. In Germany, the film fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein kicked of the sustainable film and TV production by creating the eco-label Green Shooting Card. Helge Albers, CEO, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, will talk about the development of the green strategy.


For producers it is crucial to have access to an infrastructure with green tools. Simone Gattoni  whose credits include the Italian Cannes Competition title Il Traditore by Marco Bellocchio, will produce green with his company Kavac Film. One of the big challenges when shooting on location is to power the set with clean energy.  Thanks to the latest technical developments, it’s now possible to power film sets with renewables. While zero-emission battery solutions have already been successfully field-tested, gensets using hydrogen-based fuel cell systems are being developed.  Stefano Barberis, Project Manager, Everywh2ere, will give an insight into the EU project and outline when the gensets will be commercially available.


The Sustainability in Action conference will take place at the Italian Pavilion, Hotel Le Majestic – Salon Marta, 10 Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes, on May 17 from 12.30 – 3 pm. If you like to attend, please RSVP.


Photo: © GFS

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