Green film production in European regions

The Fourth Edition of the CineRegio Green Report is available as a digital edition. This report provides an overview of environmentally friendly efforts and practices taken by 15 regional film funds members of CineRegio – the network 49 film funds from across Europe. A growing number of regional film funds have taken action to produce films in a more environmentally-friendly manner.


Compiled by Green Film Shooting Publisher Birgit Heidsiek, the report highlights opportunities, challenges, and tools that have been already implemented in various regions. This includes green guidelines, green set protocols, certification systems, incentives and rewards, carbon calculators, training programs and on-set recycling strategies as well as databases on locally produced food and ‘second hand’ set construction materials.


As this Report indicates, film funds are working on green policy and strategies, training, tools, and regulations as well as incentives to motivate film productions to implement best practices. A real roll out of green production can only take place once the required measures are line items in the budget.


With CineRegio’s Manifesto for Sustainable Filming, members prove their commitment to accepting additional costs in the production budget for environmentally-friendly film production as eligible for funding.  As a matter of fact, Green Filming does not necessarily result in higher costs. Furthermore, innovation and advanced technology allow productions to work in an increasingly resource friendly and cost effective way. Twenty-eight members signed the Manifesto for Sustainable Filming — this reflects 56 % of CineRegio’s membership.


• Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, France
• Canary Islands Film, Spain
• Cinéforom, Switzerland
• Ffilm Cymru Wales, UK
• FilmCamp, Norway
• Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
• Filmfonds Wien, Austria
• Film i Skåne, Sweden
• Film i Väst, Sweden
• Filminvest, Norway
• Film London, UK
• Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Belgium
• Fondazione Film Commission Roma Lazio
• IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige, Italy
• Łódź Film Fund, EC1 Łódź, Poland
• Mallorca Film Commission & Fund, Spain
• Medietfondet Zefyr, Norway
• MFG Baden-Württemberg, Germany
• Nordnorsk Filmsenter, Norway
• Paris Region film fund / Film Paris Region, France
• Sardegna Film Foundation, Italy
• Fund, Belgium
• Screen Flanders, Belgium
• Tartu Film Fund, Estonia
• Trentino Film Fund & Commission, Italy
• Wallimage, Belgium
• WRAP Fund, Ireland
• Zürcher Filmstiftung, Switzerland


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