Environmental guidelines

Ecology and sustainability are a basic part of our policy and firmly established in our company philosophy.

The preservation of the environment is our goal at any action. It is our key concern to manage resources economically and to avoid environmental pollution.

In any workspace, the environmental impact has to be minimized as much as possible. In order to reduce our environmental impact we prefer the use and the disposal of environment-friendly products.

Furthermore, we make sure that waste will be avoided and inevitable waste will be recycled or disposed environmentally safe.

Energy saving means to reduce the environmental impact. Therefore it is our concern to critically check and optimize the use of energy, water and material in our company. We are using energy that is generated by renewables.

As vehicle for transportation we mainly take a bicycle. For business trips across the country we prefer to go by train.

The selection of material and an environment-friendly production process is our prime directive in all our workflows and the production of our products. For this reason, we print our products on recycling paper and host our website at a provider who is powering his data center with renewables.

Our environmental commitment also means that we are actively take a stand for the preservation of the flora and fauna in our direct surroundings.

Our main goal is to inform the film and media industry domestically and abroad about environmentally friendly approaches, measures and opportunities in film and media production. We spread the word out in our magazine, on the website as well as in workshops, panel discussions and presentations at film schools.