Film funds

Links to film funds that aims for sustainability

British Film Institute (BFI)
As the lead body for film in the UK, the BFI embraces best practice and takes seriously its responsibility to co-ordinate a UK-wide sustainability strategy for all parts of the film sector in the UK

Cine Regio Green Production Subgroup
Cine Regio, a network of 39 regional film funds, has set up a green supgroup that deals with sustainability issues in film and television production

Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein
With the Green Shooting Card the North German film fund has established a set of recommendations for environmentally friendly film and television production in Germany

Lower Austrian Film Commission
The complimentary production service center for international productions launched the first Green Guide in Austria

Netherlands Film Fund

Since the beginning of 2015, the Dutch film  fund supports sustainable productions with an eco consultant

Sardegna Film Commission 

The Sardegna Film Commission provides training for green production. Furthermore, programmes such as the Heroes 2020 Project support films that are dealing with sustainability issues

Screen Ireland
Screen Ireland provides productions with a toolkit that contains a broad bandwidth of tips – from planning to post production – to create films in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Screen South
The regional British film fund plans to set up a subsidy for green productions

Trentino Film Fund

The regional film fund in Trentino launched in summer the initiative T-Green Film that offers Film/ TV productions incentives if they are produced in a sustainable way

Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds
The Vlanders film fund requires that every production applying for funding must submit a carbon footprint for their project

Vision Denmark
The industry initiative Vision Denmark offers a green production handbook , which gives an overview of measures that can be taken in the most relevant divisions of a film production

Film initiatives

Links to green film initiatives and film funding organizations

The BAFTA albert consortium, a coalition of the broadcasters BBC, Channel Four, ITV and Sky,  provides production with an online tool to measure theie carbon footprint. BAFTA also creates awareness in Film/ TV production with weekly carbon literacy

Bæredygtig film- & tv-produktionBS 8909
Susainable film and tv production initiative in Denmark

BS 8909
BS 8909 uses the most widely adopted definition of sustainability, that of the World Commission on Environment and Development

Climate Media Factory
The Climate Media Factory (CMF) is an interdisciplinary media lab that develops media products which address the issues of climate change and sustainability

EcoMuvi is the first certification system for sustainable film production in Italy, which was created in 2015. Developed by the production company Tempesta, EcuMuvi is used for productions in the range between two and eight milion euros and has been proving that the reduction of the environmental impact of a film is also an economic advantage.

The French initiative Ecoprod is a consortium of eight partners such as the CNC and the broadcasters TF1 and France Télévisions. The organization developed the online tool Carbon Clap to determine the CO2 footprint of film and television productions

E-Mission Handbook
The Flandern film fund has published a green handbook with useful suggestions and many contact addresses of companies that provide sustainable services

Green Film Initiative
The Green Film Initiative in Germany is building a network of filmmakers, climate scientist and other experts to create awareness for a sustainable film production

Green Film Making Project

Founded in 2012, the Strawberry Earth initiative challenges filmmakers and producers to go green. The Green Film Making Project works together with film schools, organizes workshops and projects such as the Kort! film programme in order to produce short films as green as possible.

Greening Film
Greeningfilm, run by the British Film Institute (BFI), aims to help professionals working in every part of the film industry implement a sustainable strategy as part of their ongoing activity for environmental, ethical and economic reasons

Green Production Guide
The PGA Green Unified Best Practices represents the best current strategies for green production, based on the experience of a wide range of producers working in the field today to achieve sustainability in motion picture and television production

Green Screen
Interreg project on sustainable film production measures, leaded by Film London. Running from 2017 to 2021, the eight partners also include Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Belgium; Ile-de-France Film Commission, France; Municipality of Ystad, Sweden;  Promálaga, Spain; Bucharest Ilfov Regional Development Agency, Rumania; Rzeszow Regional Development Agency, Poland, and  Slovak Film Commission, Slovakia

Green Screen Toronto
This award-winning program supports the growth of Canada’s film and television industry by creating innovative and sustainable production practices

The worldwide operating organization Greenshoot implements a sustainability management system bespoke for each production to reduce emissions and costs

Green Shooting Portugal
The Portugal Film Commission provides production with a best practice guide and a check list for more ecofriendly choices

The Miami-Dade Office of Film and Entertainment  has compiled a ‘Go Green Guide’ that provides film and TV productions with suggestions to reduce their carbon footprint

The Nordic Eco Media Alliance (NEMA) is an independent pan-Nordic group that works to encourage and boost sustainable development and climate action in the Nordic audiovisual industries.

NYC Film Green
The voluntary program encourages productions to use sustainable best practices in order to reduce their environmental impact and create a sustainable production environment in
New York City

Oregon Film – Green Production
Oregon is a leader in environmental initiatives since he 1970’s. The Governor’s Office of Film & Television has compiled resources for production companies which want to go green, as for example a carbon calculator and a biodiesel locator

Producers Guild of America (PGA) Green
PGA Green, the green department of the Producers Guild in America has taken a strategic leadership role in promoting sustainabilty within the film and television industry in the U.S.


Going green at festivals

Barents Ecology Fim Festival

Berlin International Film Festival


Deauville Green Awards


Environmental Film Festival

Green Screen

NaturVision Film Festival

SiciliAmbiente Documentary Film Festival

Tokyo international  Film Festival

Zurich Film Festival



Links to green TV initiatives

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts is involved in a range of projects aiming to reduce the carbon footprints of the industries they support

Green Broadcasting group
The Green Broadcasting group has been launched by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)  to increase sustainability in the television industry. The action plan includes guidelines for sustainable production, case studies and seminars

PGA Green
PGA Green, the green department of the Producers Guild in America has taken a strategic leadership role in promoting sustainabilty within the film and television industry in the U.S.


Links to green advertsing initiatives

Supported by the Advertising Producers Association (APA) , Adgreen is a British initiative to make commercial production greener

BBDO Germany
Germany‘s largest advertising agency BBDO has created a software to calculate the carbon emissions for each part of a TV commercial production

Carbon Film Quote
The Carbon Film Quote initiative is a global pilot project that aims to reduce CO2 emissions resulting from the production of advertising films


Green Initiatives

Carbon War Room
The Carbon War Room harnesses the power of entrepreneurs to unlock gigaton-scale, market-driven solutions to climate change

ITC for Sustainanbilty 2013
The research group ‘Informatics and Sustainability’ at the University of Zurich organizes the International Conference on ICT for Sustainability, every year in February at the ETH Zurich

Partners of the conference:
The Energy Science Center, ETH Zurich, Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology and the Center for Sustainable Communications, KTH Stockholm


Green Video Games

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