Green Cinema

Green Economy is gaining relevance among cinema exhibitors throughout Europe. The reason is the increased energy consumption due to the use of digital projectors and the accompanying air conditioning systems. Energy is no longer simply an internal cost factor. In the course of the social discourse about climate change, renewable energy is gaining more importance in the film industry which is itself strongly influenced by the media.


Cinemas can actively contribute to climate protection by conducting themselves responsibly with resources. Sustainability in cinemas can be implemented with a variety of measures:

  • Energy efficient measures in the operation of the cinema and the building
  • Use of renewable energy
  • Sustainable products at the concession stand
  • Plastic ban and waste management

Further information about sustainable measures for cinemas,  legal requirements and best practice examples are presented in the  Green Cinema Handbook that is published by FFA.


The Green Cinema Handbook is also available online. Further information can be found on the website Grünes Kino.





The Green Cinema label is also focusing on energy efficiency, renewables, concession and waste management where exhibitors can implement various sustainable measures.

Some cinemas in Europe have already implemented sustainable measures. Join us in our effort to green cinemas and get on our growing list of eco-friendly cinemas.


KIZ Royal,  Graz


3001 Kino, Hamburg

Abaton, Hamburg

Alabama, Hamburg

B-Movie, Hamburg

Brennessel-Programmkino, Hemsbach

b-ware! Ladenkino, Berlin

Casablanca Filmkunsttheater, Nürnberg

Central-Union Kinos, Ludwigsburg

Cine West, Hachenburg

Cinema & Kurbelkiste, Münster

Das Andere Kino, Lehrte

Eiszeit, Berlin

Filmgalerie im Leeren Beutel, Regensburg

Filmkunstkinos Bambi – Cinema – Metropol, Düsseldorf

Filmpalette, Köln

Filmrauschpalast, Berlin

fsk Kino, Berlin

Garbo, Regensburg

Kamino, Reutlingen

Kino Bad Driburg, Bad Driburg

Kino Breitwand, Starnberg, Seefeld und Herrsching

Kino im Waldhorn, Rottenburg

Klappe, Kirchberg

KinoP., Penzberg

Mal Seh’n Kino, Frankfurt am Main

OFF Broadway, Köln

Orpheum Lichtspiele, Schönberg

Programmkino Aalen eG Kino am Kocher, Aalen

Pro-Winzkino, Simmern

SCALA Programmkino, Lüneburg

Thalia – Cinema . Coffee and Cigarettes, Dresden

Weisshaus Kino, Köln

Yorck-Kino, Berlin


Great Britain

Depot Cinema, Lewes

Curzon Soho, London

The Junction, Goole

Broadway, Nottingham

Thurso, Scotland

Filmhouse, Edinburgh



Cinecitta, Tilburg

Rialto, Amsterdam



CineCiutat, Mallorca



Cinemark, Plano, TX

(513 theatres and 5,796 screens in the U.S. and Latin America)