Cannes Film Festival: Red carpet leads to a lot of litter

At the 66th International Cannes Film Festival the red carpet in front of the festival palais which is a catwalk for the stars has become an environmental issue. Activists of the French environmental organization Greenpride protested with a petition against the replacement of the red carpet which is done up to three time per day. Greenpride suggested to renew the red carpet only one time every day.

The activists collected about 9,000 signatures and handed them over the Cannes film festival director Thierry Frémaux. He signalized that he wants to talk to Greenpride and other organizations after the festival and work out more solutions which are more ecofriendly. The purpose is to find material with is resistant against dirt and water and doesn’t a more resistant but less toxic.

Sustainability is also an issue at the Cannes film festival and the Marché du Film. The event started to collect paper for recycling already a few years ago. In 2013 were 25 tons of paper sent out for recycling.