Storm of Love is first carbon-neutral daily soap

The Telenovela Storm of Love is the first daily soap which is produced completely carbon-neutral from the start of this season. he successful series that centers around the hotel ‚Fürstenhof‘ in the green countryside is being shot in the Bavaria film studios as well on location in Upper Bavaria since 2005. With sales to more than 20 countries Storm of Love advanced to a German TV export hit.

The carbon-neutral production has become possible because Bavaria Film started an energy turnaround of its film studio in the south of Munich within the last two years. „“We draw the thermal from environment- friendly geothermics and the electricity from regenerative hydropower. With these milestones we could have reduced the mission of climate damaging greenhouse gases about more than 95 percent“, underlines , CEO Bavaria Fim. „From the beginning of this year the Bavaria Film studios can be are the worldwide first ‘Green studio ‘.“

As a large part of the shooting of Storm of Love takes place in the studios of the Bavaria Filmstadt, the daily soap benefits from the sustainable production environment on site and only produces almost half of greenhouse gas emissions as before. The remaining portion is compensated by investments in certificated climate protection projects. ClimatePartner acts as a climate protection adviser. „In terms of reduction, prevention and compensation of the greenhouse gas emissions Bavaria film is a paradigmatic pioneer“, sums up ClimatePartner manager Tristan A. Foerster.