Germany becomes partner of green Deauville festival

The 3rd Deauville Green Awards – International Festival which is dedicated to show audiovisual programs on sustainable development and ecology will takes place from June 17 to 19, 2014 in Deauville.

The festival presents three competitions with TV programs, documentaries, corporate films as wellas public awareness campaigns in14 different categories. The contributions can focus on the following subjects: climate change & society, renewable energies & sustainable technologies, transport & eco-mobility, health & environment, agriculture & green economics,

housing & eco-innovations, eco-tourism & responsible travel, sustainable natur & preservation, sustainable consumption & production, organizations & social responsibility, business & eco-performances, innovations & technological revolutions, corporate sponsorship & humanitarian help, demographic transition & ageing of population.

„We have added two additional categories“, underlines Jean-Charles Pentecouteau, Director of the festival, who organizes this event with his associates George Pessis and Francois Morgant.In addition, we have decided to recognise a country committed to solving environmental issues. It is our pleasure to announce Germany as our inaugural country of honour for 2014.“

„It is with great pleasure that the German Embassy, in the role of Guest of Honour, supports the next edition of the Deauville Green Awards“, declares Fried Nielsen, Minister-Counsellor of Cultural Affairs to the German Embassy. „The decision to sponsor a festival dedicated to a subject as important as the environment was very easy. It’s a subject that has concerned Germany for a long time and is today, more relevant than ever. Having played a pioneering role in the field of ecology, Germany takes very seriously the protection of the environment and especially the development of measures created in favour of the conservation of our planet. In the consciousness of the German people, a commitment to the ‘green movement’ takes privileged place. Faced with a duty to our future generations there is no alternative to sustainable management. The German Embassy encourages the exemplary initiative set in motion by the creators of the Deauville Green Awards.“

Besides the German Embassy, also the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce and the Goethe Institute of Paris will be partners of the Deauville Green Awards. „A collection of German documentary and corporate films on the topic of environment and ecology will also be presented in association with the German film archive“, says George Pessis, Associate Director. „Furthermore, the best films of our German counter-part will be shown, the Green Screen Festival.“ The festival will present a ‘round table on eco-production with German experts such as the Filmförderung Hamburg Schlewig-Holstein that issue the Green Shooting Card, the Green Film Initiative and the French organization Ecoprod.