Shooting in a sustainable studio

The German transmedia project Call her Lotte which was presented at the Cannes International Film Festival and the 3rd Deauville Green Awards was produced in a sustainable way. The historical 3D drama is based on the personal history of Charlotte Knobloch, former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany. Her biography inspired the director/ producer Annekathrin Wetzel to tell a simple story about friendship. „We didn’t want to make a tough film about the Holocaust“, states Michael Geidel who produced Call her Lotte with the German production company Miriquidi Film. Besides the 18 minute short film he is producing further formats such as a web doc and an edutainment game which is supported by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).

The shooting of Call her Lotte took place at the Bavaria Studios  in Munich where the team found various locations such as an old street, a villa and an apartment. „We had a kick off meeting to communicate our sustainable approach“, says Geidel. „The advantage to shoot at the Bavaria Studios is that we had several locations in one place so that we didn’t need to move our entire crew to several sets. Therefore we had a small car pool and could travel by train.“

In addition, the Film- und Theaterausstattung(FTA) provided the production with historical costumes and props which are stocked at the film studio. „We didn’t produce garbage with our set design.“ This was also the case when it came to catering. „We used china and cutlery.“ Even for the make-up, the production used sustainable products from Dr. Hauschka.

Michael Geidel received a positive feedback for the sustainable production approach. The DOP Christof Wahl (Fack ju Goethe, Barfuss) shot the stereoscopic 3D film with Arri Alexa and worked with replaceable reflectors. „The positive incentives worked very well“, concludes the producer. „We even went by bicycle to our film premiere in Cannes.“