Completing the chain of sustainability

Dutch Sustainability Manager Els Rientjes on her plans and perspectives

How aware are Dutch Film/TV producers of sustainability?

After the KORT! experience, a number of producers started working this way, but it can‘t be seen as common practice yet. Producers who undertake complicated film productions seem to backslide and resort to the old ways of doing things because of the stress, deadlines, and perceived budget issues they deal with. But I‘ve noticed that once producers are introduced to green facilities and suppliers, they will adopt green methods, and they will continue using them.

What‘s your approach?

I contact the producers personally, and I help them start producing in more of a more green way. In the beginning, this comes from experience on other productions. There‘s a workshop for line producers and their production team. I see a gap between the producers and the line producers, but if producers are committed to sustainability, then line producers can institute major changes because the day-to-day production decisions lie in their hands. With a smaller, more experienced group, I analyze individual productions departments, for example, lighting and location management, and then I discover how they can contribute to a greener production process. Completing the chain of sustainability on the film set is our goal.

Do you plan to work with other organizations?

I‘ll continue the partnerships with The Green Filmmaking Project and with KORT!, as well as with film schools. I also want to develop dialogue and collaboration with the TV industry.

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