Stars for sustainability

The three-time Oscar-nominated American actor, director and producer Joaquin Phoenix who is starring together with Emma Stone in Woody Allen’s upcoming picture Irrational Man insists on vegan food and costumes on set. For him it is absolutely ordinary to avoid any kind of animal products. He is already a vegan since the age of three and doesn’t wear any clothes which are made of leather, fur or other animal products. According to the Wordwatch Institute (WWI)  in Washington, more than 50 percent of the worldwide greenhouse gas emissions are related to meat production.


Joaquin Phoenix  supports the animal rights activist group PETA. Furthermore, the Hollywood star started a campaign against animal abuse. “Please sign my petition asking Walmart to phase out inherently cruel gestation crates within its pork supply chain”, calls out Joaquin Phoenix.

Find out more about Joaquin Phoenix’ campaign here.
Photo © Tony Shek

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