We can change things together

"These three days have changed us. From now on, we can change things together” was the conclusion by Nevina Satta, Director of the Sardegna Film Commission who had invited about 100 producers, filmmakers, funding and festival representatives to the European Cinema & Audiovisual Days in Cagliari. At this event, the film professionals exchanged information on sustainable approaches, projects and methods.


So far, the Flanders Audiovisual Fund in Belgium is the only film board that asks producers to deliver their carbon footprint in order to receive their last installment of production grants. In the other European countries are no Eco criterias in the guidelines yet. "This will be only a question of time”, states Joanna Gallardo, Co-ordinator of French organization Ecoprod that launched a green charta in order to sensitize the key players for strategic investment. The CNC in France supports studios and audiovisual service providers with 40 to 60 percent of the costs for environment-friendly investments.


“Sustainability has an economic impact on our industry because it is about efficiency”, underlines Gianluca Della Campa who represents the European energy company Edison in Italy and France. The company gives out the Edison Green Movie protocol for film productions that cut up to up to 20% of their emissions. Among the Italian movies which reduced their carbon emissions are Human Capital by Paolo Virzi and Meadows Will Grow Again by Ermanno Olmi.

While festivals such as Drap-Art in Barcelona show creatives ways how material can be recycled, the Festival CinemAmbiente Torino presents not only shocking films about the climate change but also organizes public events to bring subjects such as food waste on the table. At an open air lunch in Torino, more than 3,000 people could taste what can be cooked with food that was wasted by supermarkets.


Taste is also a big issue when it comes to wine. Wine director Charlie Arturaola showed in Cagliari the trailer of the new comedy The Duel of Wine which is the sequel of The Ways of Wine that premiered at the Culinary Cinema at the Berlinale in 2011.

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