Food wasting

Not only catering teams or cooks should check that out: According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations about a third of all the worldwide produced food ends up in the garbage. In Europe, this adds up to 89 tons every year. Most of the foods that are taken off the shelve in the supermarkets can be culinary recycled and cooked. How that works is reported be food activist and cook David Groß who toured with his mobile kitchen in a rebuilt dumpster for a month through Europe.

During this adventures he was accompanied by an Arte team. In this docu series which will be go on air on May 18, the food activist fights against the food waste in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Together with a waste scientist he analyzes what kind of food supermarkets are throwing out and examines carefully the canteen of the European Parliament.


As of May 15, the scroll docu Wastecooking gives an inside look in the issue of food wasting and shows innovative approaches to avoid garbage. This includes tips for valorization of resources, the daily dealing with food as well as recipes how to create a delicious dinner out of leftovers.

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