Ecoprod and Film4Climate join forces

The World Bank Group’s Film4Climate program and Ecoprod closed a collaboration in Cannes. They are inviting film producers to join forces in the development of a concrete plan to reduce the environmental impact of film production and to raise more awareness about climate change. This new initiative aims to drive consensus across the film community on a shared set of global standards to sustainably produce motion pictures, building on the protocols and guidelines already created in a number of countries.
“It’s time for a global creative and influential alliance to tackle the climate crisis,” said Donald Ranvaud, Oscar-winning film producer and Film4Climate’s Creative Producer. “We can unite the film industry to reinforce that we do care about the environment and are prepared to do something concrete about the dramatic issue of climate change.” The initiative will also aim to establish a formal declaration to be signed by those who pledge to meet the standards, reduce impact on the environment, and participate in encouraging climate change awareness and action.
Created in 2009, Ecoprod develops resources to help reduce the environmental footprint of their activity. It created the first software to calculate the carbon footprint of film productions, now used by the main producers in France. In 2012 Eco Prod published an eco-production guide to reducing emissions of film production and acting sustainably.
"Ecoprod is happy to join Film 4climate and share its approach with other initiatives in the world for a global mobilization of the cinema industry ", says Olivier-René Veillon, Chief Executive Officer of the Ile the France Film Commission, Ecoprod founding member.

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