Call for Climate Change Film Festival in China

Until July 30, filmmakers can submit their documentaries, series, short films, micro-films, cartoons, mobile videos and public service announcements about climate change and environment conservation. The Handle Climate Change Film Festival 2015 which is China’s first public benefit film activity dealing with climate change, is going to take place on September 19-20 in Shenzhen. The approach of the festival is to arouse people’s awareness of environment conservation and to encourage them to actively participate in energy saving and emission reduction.


The festival will present the films in 14 categories. Outstanding works of the Festival may be shown in the "Chinese Corner" at the COP 21 in Paris in November 2015. “China is taking action to address climate change”, underlines Chen Suping, chairman of Handle, one of the sponsors of the Festival. “Many countries have their own green film festival. Chinese filmmakers like us are exploring the way to promote environment conservation through films and television so as to call on the people to build a sustainable and ecological environment. This is the intention of initiating this festival."

Besides the film competitions, the Festival is going to organize professional forums, public-benefit screenings, exhibitions and other activities around climate and environment conservation. Through various cultural activities, it will spread knowledge and methods for addressing climate change among the public and call on people to build a low-carbon smart city.

In order to promote the festival in China, it presented the premiere of the 3D documentary film 0.85°C in Shenzhen. The film, directed by the specialty film director Liu Rongyan of Central Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio, uses the latest 3D technology to present a three-dimensional space and brings people close to Earth. Data shows that in recent 130 years, the global average surface temperature has risen by 0.85°C, and the theme of this film is "how global temperature rise of 0.85°C affects the survival of mankind”.

The message of the movie: "Earth has long been in a state of equilibrium of energy transfer but is now undergoing new changes due to the temperature rise. Enhanced greenhouse effect of human activities results in the rapid increase in global temperature; glacier thawing, permafrost thawing, dying coral reefs, rising sea levels and ecosystem change all result from global warming. Now, it’s time for mankind to go all out to save themselves. Earth is capable of self-regulation but it takes a long time. However, if such a change is beyond the range of human adaptation, it is mankind rather than Earth that is endangered in the long recovery process. So how we act now will influence the future of mankind on this planet."

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