Sing For the Climate

With the initiative Sing For the Climate, Belgian filmmaker Nic Balthazar invites people from all over the world to send the clear message “Take serious climate action!” to the world leaders before the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21) will kick off on November 30. The idea is that millions of people are going to sing the song Do it now, film their action and upload it here.
“It is a unique opportunity for people from all over the world to let their voices be heard”, says Nic Balthazar: "More powerful than a petition, and more accessible than a demonstration."



Sing For The Climate is a Belgian initiative which was already organised in 2012 : more than 380.000 people sang Do it now‘! “We made a clip that united all the voices.” This clip was shown to the Belgian Prime Minister, the State Secretary of Environment, the Flemish and the European Ministers of Environment. All the above signed the demands of the Campaign for the Climate and therefore committed themselves to take necessary measures. Finally, the clip was shown on the last plenary meeting of UN Climate Conference in Doha. It may be a coincidence, but only that last night they reached an agreement to extend the Kyoto Protocol…



NIC“But we want more”, underlines the filmmaker.” With your support and the help of The Global Shapers, we now want to make this action go worldwide. Because the Climate Conference in Paris this year will be the real moment of truth, we really want to unite as many voices as possible. Let world leaders know, hear and feel that citizens want serious measures.”

  1. Dear Mr. Balthazar,

    I am an Indian married to a Belgian.
    We are also international kite flyers and have a lot of kites like peace kite.

    We also have a special kite signed by the Prime Minister of India Shree Narendra Modi.

    Being an international yoga day on the 21st June based on the theme Peace, Harmony and Unity, I am doing an event at the FC Knepper Leefdaal on the 18th June being a weekend.
    I would love to sing for the climate with community around me and would also like to fly the kites for unity .

    I would like to invite you on this occasion if it is possible to join us for this small event.
    I am attaching the brochure for the same .

    Looking forward keenly to meet you on this special day.



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