Do it Now!

„Hello all you climate warriors! Now that the Paris street protest has become impossible, I would like to signal a powerful weapon that we might use in the battle to come“, says filmmaker and climate activist Nic Balthazar. „It’s a song called Do it Now , and the idea is that, people all over the world would be singing it, in their separate climate campaigns. The concept is that this might show the unity in the diversity of our different organizations in all these different countries. Everyone can use this song where- ,when- and however you want."


The idea is that every individual or group will post some moving images of their action. "This way there is mutual reinforcement", says the filmmaker.  "The sing-along is a powerful weapon for everyone to use.  But vice versa every action also becomes a part of an excellent ‘act local think global’ awareness building campaign.  And the numbers add up. Already 400.000 people in 14 countries have joined in."

The song is free of rights, because it is based on the classic Bella Ciao, a melody easy to teach and learn. The text  conveys a very simple, clear and yet hopeful message, that can be applied not only to climate, but also to pretty much every environmental issue, where we urgently need to ‘wake up and wise up’.  The text and music is available on the website of this grassroots action.

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