Sustainability on location

At a workshop at Amsterdam-based Locatiewerk, Dutch Sustainability Manager Els Rientjes introduced several entrepreneurs with their innovative products to film producers. The sustainable solutions which include a solar transformer, a green battery, an electric transporter as well as a mobile toilet are made to cut down the CO2 emissions on the set. Instead of using an environmental harmful diesel generator, there are cost-saving alternatives.


The Solar Transformer provides renewable energy with zero harmful emissions. “A normal generator is always scaled to it’s peak demand, and above this peak 30 % is added because a generator can malfunction due to sudden outliers”, says Ward Hupperets, Chief Technology Officer, Spectral Utilities. “With this technology that’s not a problem. The Solar Transformer is a silent solution, focused on the use of electricity throughout the day and not just peak consumption. There is no use of fuel. The system is built to be used as part of a smart-grid.”



Another smart technology is a mobile battery that can be brought to locations without power supply. “We store sustainable energy in batteries”, says Han Huiskamp, CEO, Green Battery. “ It enables you to have power at any time. On location the biggest benefit is its reliability, Your production is never interrupted because technically it’s so similar to emergency power systems in hospitals, data centers and air traffic control.”


Els“It’s important to think about how you do things in the first place. Often your main focus is on the things screaming for attention”, points out Els Rientjes. “In most cases that’s money and deadline. It can be done differently.”


For Willem Doorman, driver on the set of Prooi by Dick Maas, sustainability goes hand in hand with working more efficently. “I would like to think about improving generators, aerial platforms and total length of transport.” Transportation of is always a factor that generates emissions. Therefore, Tijn Herrkens, Location manager Locatiewer, suggests to use a mobile toilet on a trailer which has a closed septic tank. “You can’t transport a Dixi yourself. It has to be delivered and removed my the retailer”, sums up Herrkens. “This is extra transportation.”

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