EU consultation on toxic textiles

The enviromentally-harming consequences of the textile production has been shown by director Andrew Morgan in his documentary The True Cost that even inspired actress Emma Watson to create the sustainable fashion label People Tree. Toxix substanzen that are often used in textile production don’t only hurt the workers but also the consumers who are wearing this clothes.


According to estimates, the garment and textile industry is worth about $3 trillion. Each year across the world, 1.5 billion garments are sewn by an estimated 40 million people, working in 250,000 factories.



The EU Commission has published a consultation  which is about banning or at least reducing the cancerogen CMR components in fabrics. In total, there are 291 substances in clothes and other fabrics which the Commission considers as possibly harmful. This consultation is open to all citizens. Comments can be made until January 22, 2016.

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