All about a green set

Film and TV productions are often wasteful. They use environmental harmful diesel generators, produce a lot of garbage when they leave the set, among them thousands of plastic bottles and cups. For many members in the Film/TV industry this is business as usual. “While we have seen a rise in environmental awareness initiatives at the studio level, sustainable production documentation, transparency and coordination in the motion picture industry remain inconsistent, mismanaged and largely ineffective”, states Eco-Supervisor Emellie O’Brien, Founder and CEO of New York-based service company Earth Angel. “We as filmmakers have the ability to impact millions of viewers withour innovative, inspiring messages.”


Earth Angel’s mission is to integrate a standardized method of environmental accountability throughout the entertainment industry. The sustainability consulting services provide the skilled labor, equipment, metrics and resources that effectively reduce the carbon footprint of entertainment productions, while increasing efficiency and leaving a positive impact on local communities. “Earth Angel’s work is living proof that integrating sustainability into film and television production is not only possible, but can actually be more efficient and cost effective”, emphasizes the environmentalist. “The time has come to stop thinking about sustainability in terms of compliance and risk management and to start thinking about it as an opportunity to do better business and to take the film industry into the future.”

Photo/ Video © Erica Rose, Emellie O’Brien, & Kelsey Kahn

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