BAFTA’s green mission

In the British broadcasting industry, every production for BBC, ITV and Sky must measure its carbon footprint as a contractual obligation. Over 2,000 users from 300 companies have signed up to use the carbon calculator albert. Aaron Matthews, Industry Sustainability Manager at BAFTA, talks about the new action plan of the consortium which greens the British industry.


Aaron MatthewsWhat is the mission of the albert consortium?
Aaron Matthews: Our mission is to equip the screen art industry with the tools, support and motivation to reduce it’s carbon emissions.

Who is your target group?
From a CEO to runner, everyone in the industry can act to improve our collective environmental performance. We seek to support everyone in the industry to identify and act on their opportunity to make a difference. That said, producers play a central role enabling productions to cut their carbon footprints, so we try and support them as much as we can.
Which goals have you already accomplished? And next steps?

The consortium has succeeded in is creating a reputable and recognisable brand, one that is widely used in many corners of the industry. Under the albert brand sit a toolkit, training opportunities and numerous case studies. Our next challenges is turning a handful of case studies into business as usual, something we hope to do by establishing ambassadors and working with more companies.


IMG_8889What kind of impact has the carbon literacy training?
The carbon literacy training is impactful as it provides  skilled industry colleagues the time and opportunity to rethink their skills. Strategists can rethink their strategies and set designers can ponder how to design waste out of their operations.


How familiar is the British production industry with carbon calculation?
There are over 360 independent companies signed up to albert. Although they don’t use albert on all of their productions, certainly most are used to the tools that the consortium provide.

How are you planning to optimize the process of production certification?
The largest change to our certificating process is reducing requesting more detailed evidence but from fewer questions overall. It is hoped that this will reduce the time needed to complete the process by up to 70% whilst maintaining credibility and impact.

How much are the albert ambassadors recognized within the industry?
All of our ambassadors are well known to the wider industry, although possibly not for their albert ambassadorial role, not yet anyway.

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