Ecoprod greens festival in La Rochelle

The Ecoprod consortium that is trying to sensibilize the French Film/TV industry to take more environmental-friendly actions, is hosting an event at the 18th Festival de la Fiction TV that takes place at La Rochelle from September 14 -18. The festival that presents TV films, series, short programmes as well as web series is  a mathmaking event for French and European producers,


"A sujoannastainable production in not something fictional", emphasizes Joanna Gallardo, Ecoprod representative at the Ile-de-France Film Commission. At the festival she will present the new Ecoprod website to the producers. Part of the new service on the website are Best Practices Guides for the various production departments such as light, production design,  make up or post production.


Furthermore, the updated version of Ecoprod’s carbon calculator Carbon Clap is available for download. Ecoprod also launched a green Charter for audiovisual companies that is introducing sustainability step by step to all companies wich are involved in the Film/ TV production process.

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