Green Cinema for beginners

At the exhibitor’s training of  The International Confederation of Art Cinemas (CICAE) that took place during the 73th Internationa  Venice Film Festival, green cinema was an issue for the first time. Green Film Shooting publisher Birgit Heidsiek gave an overview about sustainable actions which exhibitors can take to lower the carbon footprint of their cinema. The green measures include to power the cinema with renewables.  A huge difference can be made by energie-efficient measures such us replacing incandescent lightening with LED’s and the installation of time-controlled water faucets.



Sustainable concession products also have an impact in terms of climate-friendly production but also awareness building of the audience. This includes to use glass and porcellain instead of plastic or paper cups. The waste which can’t be avoided should at least be separated for recycling into cardboard, paper, glass and plastic.

green-cinema-gfs-jpgGreen Film Shooting created a green label that we will be awarded to exhibitors for their sustainable actions in their cinema. With the label they can increase their credibility when they are not only showing films about climate change but also take some action themselves.

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