Sustainability in post production

Green post production solutions will be a subject at the Paris Images Digital Summit (PIDS)  that takes places from January 25 to 28 in Paris. The new event that is launched by the Ile de France Film Commission is dedicated to digital creation. Visual artists and VFX experts from across the world will speak about the latest trends and innovations in digital visual effects, CGI, motion-capture, 3-D and disruptive technologies in cinema, television, advertising, video games and transmedia


How to include sustainable development in digital creation will be the subject of a panel discussion that takes place in partnership with Ecoprod. The speakers include Jean-Baptiste Spieser, Technical Director at French animation studio TeamTO that is located in Paris and Valence and Pierre de Cabissole, Head of Production at Paris-based animation studio Supamonks which shifted its approach to production in favor of sustainability. Key to the transition is a render farm located in radiators, which are using the thermal discharge of the devices to heat the office. The installation is done in partnership with Qarnot, which developed this technology.



Meanwhile Christophe Perron, CEO and Founder Stimergy,  is using computing clusters constisting of hundreds of server to heat buldings with water. Another speaker at the panel discussion will be Florence Brissars, Technical Director Orfeo. Baptiste Heynemann, Ecoprod member and Head of Technique and Innovation at CNC, is going to moderate the session which will take place on January 26.



Women‘s place in digital creation industry will also be an issue at that the Paris Images Digital Summit  Corinne Koupter, Producer and Development Manager TeamTO will discuss with Aurelie Abate (VFX Producer, Fix Studio) and Christine Mazereau (General Delegate, RECA). The panel will be moderated by Catherine Puiseux, Social & Environmental Responsibility Manager RSE, TF1.




On January 27, Baptiste Heynemann, Head of Technique and Innovation at CNC and Carole Perraut, Audiens. will speak about employment and Training in VFX industry. The presentation will be moderator by Franck Petitta Founder and Director Georges Méliès School. The four-day event will close with the screening of the French animation film Sahara by Pierre Coré on January 28.



Photos: © Stimergy/ Ecoprod/ CNC

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