Pop stars on a green mission

Hosting the first green-produced Italian TV series, sustainably produced music videos as well as a green cinema, Sardinia is becoming a mecca for environmentally friendly Film/TV productions. “We moved from the radical uncertainty of Project HEROES 2020 to broader national and international partnerships with the audiovisual industry and film business”, says Nevina Satta, CEO of the Sardegna Film Commission (SFC).



The Project HEROES 2020 program provides financial support to feature films, TV productions, and shorts that implement the Sardinia Green Film Shooting Protocol on the island. The initiative has
already borne fruit. Mommotty
Production, which produced four 
short films under the aegis of Pro
ject HEROES 2020, is now serving as 
the line producer for video clips by Placebo
 and other popular bands. This British band shot its music video for Jesus’ Son, the lead single featured on its twenty-year retrospective album, on the stunning beaches of Sardinia.





“Placebo loved the idea of advocating sustainability”, says Satta who suggests that any band that wants to shoot a music video in Sardinia should go green. “We have to turn pop stars into advocates of sustainable shooting. These clips enjoy high visibility when they’re broadcast on MTV and other music channels. The best way to reach the new generation is by getting their attention with pop stars who are advocating sustainability.”

In addition to HEROES 2020, established Italian production companies are also going green. The successful TV production company Lux Vide, which achieved worldwide acclaim with the sale of its Bible Series to 140 countries, shot Doctor Pietro in Sardinia, which was the first sustainably produced Italian TV series. “They also became advocates of green protocols in the Italian TV industry”, adds Satta. “The advertising campaign for the TV series features as part of its marketing strategy the greening of the set as well as adopting financially and ecologically sustainable production.” Among the upcoming feature films that will implement the Sardinia Green Film Shooting Protocol is one by Laura Bispuri, Director of the award-winning film Sword Virgin.


Now in 2017, sustainability in Sardinia also includes cinemas. An old art house theater in the city center of Sassari, the second largest city in Sardinia, is becoming the first green movie theatre on the island. Located in a restored landmark building, the newly converted quad theater will be powered by renewables. The restauration of the cinema is being done in partnership with a local energy company, which is also installing a charging station for electric cars in the parking lot.

“This opens a completely new chapter in the greening of the industry”, says Satta. “We’re working closely with the regional departments of environmental regulatory and tourism agencies to have our green protocol adopted by all film and media companies in the region.” Furthermore, the FSC plans to develop together with young illustrators an App for the children’s program Mia and Pepe, which provides training for young eco filmmakers. “We want to give the kids a shot at international visibility – and even getting the attention of broadcasters.


Photos: © Susanna Tornsello/ Sardegna Film Commission

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