Discussion at the Deauville Green Awards


Green film production will be an issue at the sixth edition of the Deauville Green Awards. The two-day event will present documentaries, shorts, image films and commercials that are focusing on sustainability issues such as energy transition, sustainable agriculture, transport and eco-mobility as well as innovation. In addition to the screenings, various workshops and discussions will be held on June 27 and 28.



At the round table “Bringing our sustainability values into the production process”, Catherine Puiseux, Ecoprod Founder and CSR Director, TF1 Group, Laurence Lafiteau, Line Producer, CEO, Magala Production and Birgit Heidsiek, Publisher Green Film Shooting. “Our content has the potential to inspire society to see the world differently, to raise our audiences’ awareness on environmental issues and to change behaviour”, says Catherine Puiseux.” As we get better at telling these stories and engaging our viewers, how can we ensure that our own actions are coherent with our messages by making our programmes in the most sustainable way possible?”


The speakers will share their experience of developing the tools and collaborative initiatives to tackle the sustainability challenge at all levels: On a production by monitoring and managing the impacts, embedding best practices and connecting people with solution; as an organisation by having the right policies in place, making sure that people have the appropriate skills and competencies and as a whole sector by collaborating to change the infrastructure of the industry, both at a national level and increasingly internationally.


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