Sustainability in a bottle

The era of plastic bottles on set may soon be history. An eco-friendly alternative to the environmentally destructive disposable plastic bottle is FLSK‘s attractive stainless steel thermos, which can be used on set as well as off. Free of any pollutants such as bisphenol A, the thermos is unbreakable, and it can be cleaned in a dish washer. Stylishly designed, the thermos is carbon resistant. Your drink stays ice-cold for about twenty-four hours, or stays hot for eighteen.


FLSK’s tremendously long-lasting thermal properties are possible thanks to the Vacuum Insulated Copper Coating principle (VICCC). A vacuum layer between two stainless steel walls prevents the loss of either heat or cold. The copper coating on the outside of the thermos keeps the temperature stable. Produced with premium stainless steel Type 304 (18% chromium and 8% nickel), the thermos is resilient and durable — it won’t break whether it takes a fall or gets a hard knock.


FLSK’s classic style belies its innovative design. The cylindrical shape narrows into a cone at the top quarter of the thermos, then smoothly curves into a conveniently formed mouth. The cap is also stainless steel, while the plug, its threading, and seal are made of flexible silicon, which insures that the temperature remains constant and which prevents liquids from leaking. The silicon is also flavor-neutral because it doesn’t contain bisphenol A. It is available in 500 ml, 750 ml and 1,000 ml capacities.



This handy thermos is available in six colors (Black, White, Metallic, Bordeaux, Berry, and Caribbean Blue) in all three sizes. The FLSK also lends itself to being personalized because signatures, names, or logos can easily be added by laser gravure. This innovative thermos is the perfect gift to motivate crew members to follow Best Practices. Why mess around any longer with plastic or paper cups on set? Last, but not least, FLSK is a sustainable investment — after production wraps, the thermos sees active duty in everyday life, and then it’s always ready for the next project.


„It’s important for our products to contribute value to life as well as to a sustainable environment”, the manufacturer points out. “On the one hand, with FLSK we’re fighting the massive waste that’s being generated by environmentally destructive plastic bottles; on the other hand, we’re supporting various nonprofit organizations that are acting on similar visions and goals.”


Photos: Courtesy of ©FLSK





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