Going green works well

A green production can be cost-saving, as Italian producer Marta Donzelli from Rome-based production company Vivo Film, pointed out who presented the Competition Film Daughter of Mine by Laura Bispuri at Berlinale. The project that she had pitched to potential partners at Berlinale Co-Production Market, was following the green protocol when the production was shooting in Sardinia.




At the panel discussion Green Production – no (false) excuses! that was hosted by Berlinale Co-Production Market in cooperation with Engagement Global and the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development,  Italian Producer Marta Donzelli, Emelie O’Brien, Eco Supervisor and Founder of New York-based Earth Angel, and Lars Jessen, Director / Producer of Hamburg-based production company Eicholz Film discussed their different approaches and experiences with sustainable filmmaking. The event was moderated by Birgit Heidsiek, Publisher of Green Film Shooting.




Emellie O’Brien, Eco Supervisor of Hollywood films such as The Amazing-Spider Man 2,  Noah  und The Post  talked about her methods and measures that are inspiring the team members to act more environmental-friendly on set.



A key role plays often the catering. While small independent productions may be able to have a cook on set who prepates fresh local food, the big studio films have more the concern to avoid food waste but to donate the leftovers.




In Germany it is still more expensive for productions when they rent energy efficient LED lights,  emphasized Lars Jessen hervorhob. Meanwhile in the US productions often pay a flat fee when they are shooting in a studio yard so that it is not even an issue for some team members to think about energy saving.





A lot of resources can be saved when it comes to set design. It is not always necessary to build huge set. It can be an option to use the available locations, Italian producer Marta Donzelli pointed out.



But not every actor and every team member likes to go green all the way. The German filmmaker A Lars Jessen who always goes to the set by public transportation, doesn’t mind to discuss with the actors if they really have to take a plane if it only saves them one or two hours of travel time.




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