Greenlight for LED

Thanks to LED lighting, energy consumption for the TV show Verstehen Sie Spaß? at studios of Bavaria Film was reduced by more than half. Energy efficiency is a key issue for studios. Bavaria Film enjoys the benefit of having its energy one-hundred percent generated by renewable water power; heating is provided by geothermal energy. „We pursue this strategy in all our business sectors to implement resource-saving and eco-conscious thinking and acting in front of as well as behind the camera“, emphasizes Achim Rohnke, CEO of Bavaria Film.


„During the production of the Verstehen Sie Spaß? show, we tried to make all departments as environmentally-friendly as possible“, says Philip Gassmann, Sustainability Manager at Bavaria Film, who is coordinating the application of green measures. This starts with using recycled paper and eco-friendly products in the office and it extends to turning off devices ― instead of keeping them in stand-by mode ― as part of the daily routine. The biggest energy savings on the show were due to LED lighting, which delivers the same output in lumens but consumes only a third of the energy as incandescent lighting does. Since LEDs also emit less heat, the need for studio air conditioning is likewise reduced. „On Verstehen Sie Spaß? we used several hundred LED lights from a variety of manufacturers.“



LED is now generally accepted in the TV-show lighting sector because, in addition to its tremendous energy-savings potential, this technology also offers new creative possibilities for color and lighting design. „The growing pains we experienced with bad Color Rendering Index (CRI) figures and a green or magenta cast are all gone now“, Gassmann points out. „Meanwhile, every lighting designer is using LED. Only the huge followspots, lighting banks, and some special effects lights are still conventionally equipped.“ Thanks to this technical innovation, the energy usage by TV shows, which once amounted to as much as 12,000 kWh per day, has been reduced by more than half. Energy consumption on the Verstehen Sie Spaß? set ranges between 4,000 to 7,000 kWh per day.



In order to reduce automobile usage in the spacious studio property, small electric carts were used. For Verstehen Sie Spaß? the production team also shared two electric automobiles for trips into the city. When purchasing, the catering department ordered regional as well as fair-trade products, avoided disposable dishware, and strictly managed waste. Neither the hundred or so crew members nor the approximately 800 studio guests received any plastic cups or bottles. In total, waste was reduced by 80%.


The next step is to take a closer look Bavaria Film‘s in-house produced series, such as Sturm der Liebe and Die Rosenheim Cops, which have greater continuity requirements than theatrical features with respect to crew and service providers. „We‘re checking all the workflows for transportation, lighting, generators, and catering“, says Gassmann. When it comes to productions for which Bavaria Film is a service provider, it‘s up to the broadcasters and production companies to decide whether or not to go green with their production. „Due to our climate-neutral studio“, notes Rohnke, „every production benefits by joining the green bandwagon.“


Photos: © Philip Gassmann/ Bavaria Film

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