The winners of the Deauville Green Awards

Innovative solutions and new technologies that can tackle the challenges of climate change were a key issue in various documentaries, corporate and commercials at the 7th edition of the Deauville Green Awards. This year’s motto was dedicated to the subject of water which should be also a human right. The shocking film Secos by Galut Alarcon shows what it means if people have no access to drinkable water. Chile is the only country in the world that has privatized its water in favor of agricultural exports and mines.  The consequences are devastating for the local economies as well as for the environment. The daily dryness led to a hydro crisis.



In this impressive short film a cast of outstanding actresses and actors from Chile express their support to the social movements that fight for the recovery of water for all the communities and territories of the country. In Deauville, Secos was awarded the Grand Prix. A strong message is also delivered in the Grand Prix-winning commercial Et si la gravité n’existait pas? that Olivier Fraysse produced for the city of Toulouse that has to deal with 40 tons of waste every day.



Climate change is already reshaping our world. But Another World Is Possible, as Slater Jewell-Kemker points out in her documentary My Decade in the Youth Climate Movement that she started to shoot at age of 15 when she began to attend environmental summits Her film shows a powerful vision for the future of our planet and the young people who will lead us there.


Meanwhile Georges Pessis, President of the Deauville Green Awards, talks about the future of the festival that brings together about 500 film professionals and environmental experts  in the beautiful French beach resort.



For the first time, the event offered the possibility for filmmakers to pitch their projects.The Deauville Green Awards are about much more than giving out prizes, as British filmmaker Rodney Rascona remarks.The acclaimed film director already attended the Deauville Green Awards for the fifth time. This year, he presented his Golden Trophy-winning documentary I Am – A Wisci Story that features the STEAM camp in Malawi South Africa where girls were tutored by industry professionals to enhance theitr human as well as practical technical skills. For the British film director the Deauville Green Awards are a unique platform where he can also discuss stories and styles with other filmmakers.


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