Green film production at Ecocup festival

At this year’s Ecocup film festival that takes place in Moscow and St. Petersburg, festival director Anastasia Laukkanen presents a new showcase of documentaries on environmental issues. Among the highlights are The Last Animals about the killing of African elephants and rhinos, the American documentary Do You Trust This Computer? by Chris Paine that outlines the benefits and especially the dangers of artificial intelligence.



In the documentary Through My Rear Window, the Palermo-born filmmaker Salvo Manzone feels like the protagonist in Hitchcock’s Rear Window when he looks out of the window and sees who people often deal with waste. With humor and irony he shows the complexity of the problem as well as solutions that may lead to a zero waste policy. Because his films deals with the topic waste, it was natural for him to produce the film sustainably.






Green film production is also an issue that will be tackled at the Ecocup festival. The German Sustainability Consultant Katja Schwarz will present a case study about the green production of the German crime drama Tatort. The presentation will be held in Russian. Furthermore, the green filmmaking expert shares her case study that is available as free download in Russian language.




The lecture "Green Film Shooting – Production of the future. How to shoot movies, save and take care about environment" will take place at Moscow School of New Cinema on Friday, November 30th from 7 – 8.30 pm.


Photo: ©Ecocup

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