Ecodesign requirements for lights

The European Commission is going to decide which kind of lights can still be still used in the live performance, entertainment and audiovisual industry if the Ecodesign Directive becomes effective in September 2021. The European Commision filed a draft on ecodesign requirements in order to reduce the energy consumption of lights with 60 to 82,000 lumen.


The first draft caused a stir in the European film, TV and entertainment industry. The Commision’s proposal included a production and import ban of halogen lamps up to 2,500 W which might have had a huge impact. The complete replacement of functioning equipment would not only mean a huge financial burden for the companies but also limit the creative freedom because there are no suitable replacements for halogen spotlights yet.


After the public consultation procedure in May 2018 where the industry associations passed their comments, the EU Commission filed a new draft that exempts a large number of significant tungsten lamps used in the entertainment, live performance and film industry. Nevertheless, the European Entertainment Ecodesign Coalition, a European-wide group of associations working in the entertainment, live performance and film/TV sectors, the industry organizations , demands further exceptions from the ecodesign requirements:

• Exemption from Standby Power mode and Networked Stand-by Power mode
• Exemption for White Light Sources for specific needs
• Colour tuneable light sources and widen the definition of wave-length of Green
• Lamp bases for exemption when used in Professional Entertainment Lighting Products


In addition, the gaffers are asking for exceptions for specific types of halogen lamps so that they can still be used. A loss of this kind of lighting would limit the creative freedom of European productions. Among the European feature films that may be affected are the French Acadamy Award contender La douleur by Emmanuel Finkiel, this year’s European Film Award winner Cold War by Pawel Pawlikowski, the French divorce drama Jusqu’à la Garde by Xavier Legrand as well a the German feature film Ballon by Michael Herbig.


The EFADs, a federation of the Directors of European Film Agencies in 31 countries in Europe, is in line with the position of other concerned stakeholders such as  FERA, PEARLE and Creativity Works! and calls on the European Commission to broaden the list of exemptions so that the interests of creators, industry and audiences are not harmed. It is expected that there will be a provision made to safeguard existing standards so that all lights can still be utilized which have been on sale or ae already in use .


Foto: Schorchel1982/ Pixabay

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