The Affair of the Century

Famous French actresses such as Juliette Binoche, Marion Cotillard as well as the director Cyril Dion are among the filmmakers who are demanding the French State to respect the climate commitments. The associations Notre Affaire à Tous, the Fondation pour la Nature et l’Homme, Greenpeace France et Oxfam France decided, in the name of general interest, to bring an action against the French State so that he respects the climatic commitments and protects our lives, our territories and our rights. It is the Affair of the Century.


Climate changes are already affecting our lives. We are experiencing the rise of waters, the ice melting, the multiplication of extreme meteorological events, while animal and plant kinds disappear inexorably. Dryness and inundations are more and more destructive. Our farms are in danger. The air which we sniff is contaminated. The price of our energy bills blows up. Everywhere, in south countries as in countries of the North, the vulnerable populations are the most displaying.



Obsessed by stakes of short term, States and economic actors remain deaf in countless cries of distress of the most fragile, of scientists, associations. While the necessary investments to remedy disaster should be financed predominantly by the easiest, middle classes and the most divesting contribute to it today in an indistinct way. France took a consequent delay and does not reach the targets to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.


But the State has the obligation to act: He must take the political measures which are obvious, while guaranteeing social justice. He must reduce our dependency to the oil and give us with alternatives in transport. He must invest in the renovation of accommodation and promote the usage of renewable energy sources, by leaving appeal in fossil energies and nuclear technology. He must institute the access of all to a healthy, sufficient and quality feeding, guarantee a decent income for the farmers and struggle against deforestation. He must also set up devices necessary to the adaptation of our territories and to the protection of our coasts. All these measures will have a positive impact on our lives. However, what is on the table today is widely deficient.


“We can change things, if we are together!” is the message of this call. “Let us act for social and climatic justice, let us bring the case before the court so that France respects its commitments finally on climate. Together, let us win the Affair of the Century.”

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