The natural formula for beauty

With light sweeping motions of a brush, the make-up artist applies powder to the face of the actress to fix the foundation. A unique blend of mineral pigments and extracts of witch hazel and silk power gives the skin a satiny allure without drying it out. “I’m delighted that make-up artists are opening up to organic cosmetics because they’re healthier for the skin”, says Julia Richter. “Whenever a production company asks me for my preferences, I always say ‘as little chemistry as possible’”.



For the German film and theater actress, it’s a paradox, on the one hand, to maintain a healthy diet and to use organic cosmetics, while on the other hand to be subjected to cosmetics on the set that contain silicone, paraben, tenside or aluminum salts. This is why she asks make-up artists about bringing her own personal cosmetic products for use on set. Whether it’s brand-name organic cosmetics, such as Annemarie Börlind, Dr. Hauschka, and Weleda or smaller manufacturers, make-up artists have varying opinions of their relative qualities for high resolution HD or 4K cameras. “Some products were developed specifically for the requirements of the make-up department of a professional film set”, says make-up artist Stefanie Gredig. “They’re fantastic to work with.”



During the shooting of the children’s adventure film Nellys Abenteuer in Romania, the make-up department used certified organic cosmetics. “Our make-up had a very natural look”, emphasizes Richter, who plays a leading role in this family adventure story. “I couldn’t tell the difference when I compared it to traditional make-up usually seen on screen.” As more actors insist on organic cosmetics, make-up artists will be required to give more consider- ation to the quality and composition of cosmetic ingredients. Foundation, powder, eye shadow, mascara, and lip stick from an organic cosmetic line will contain neither synthetic scents nor preservatives, but will instead pamper the skin with oils, waxes, and extracts from healing plants.


“Actors and make-up artists appreciate our products for their effectiveness”, Nicoline Wöhrle, Head of Communications, Dr. Hauschka, points out. “And also because they’re strengthening the skin’s own regenerative power.” Among the latest productions that used cosmetics by Dr. Hauschka are Café Society with Penélope Cruz, the Babylon Berlin series, Lena Knauss’ Tagundnachtgleiche and Am Ende Legenden by Adolfo Kolmerer. One member of the ensemble cast of this coming-of-age comedy is the up and coming German actor Lucas Reiber, who wants to know exactly what substances are being applied to his face and body by the make-up department. “These products should be as natural as possible, and they shouldn’t contain any animal products. And they should keep my skin comfortable even during months of continuous shooting”, says Reiber.


Sustainability, based on a holistic approach, is applicable to the field of cosmetics. “A small bottle of crème isn’t going to keep us from getting older”, concludes Richter. “Nutrition, exercise, sports activities, and your approach to life are also a big part of it.


Photos: © jayjay/ Dr. Hauschka

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