Green wave in Zurich

On occasion of the 15th Zurich Film Festival, the green carpet will be rolled out  at Sechseläutenplatz on September 26. The program is going to feature over 170 films from 58 countries. The festival presents many filmmakers whose works aim to raise the public’s awareness of the need to protect the environment. For the first time, the Zurich Film Festival is hosting an industry event on sustainable film production. Moderated by Green Film Shooting Publisher Birgit Heidsiek, the speakers of the panel discussion Action For Climate On Set include Frauke Kolbmüller, Co-producer and Production Manager of German Oscar contender System Crasher, which received a Green Shooting Card. Jessica Hefti, Production Manager at Zodiac Pictures, will talk about their plans to go green with the Swiss crime series Tatort.


The Zurich Film Festival kicks off with the feature film Bruno Manser – Die Stimme des Regenwaldes by Niklaus Hilber, starring Sven Schelker in the title role as the Basel-born environmental activist.


Environment and climate protection is also an issue in several documentaries. Javier Bardem will introduce the film Sanctuary, for which he went on a mission to Antarctica, Watson portrays  Greenpeace founder Paul Watson and whale hunting is also the subject in Sea of Shadows. In the Australian feature film Storm Boy with Geoffrey Rush as well as in Phantom Owl Forest children are going to protect wild animals.



"There is a green wave currently sweeping cinema, with a large number of high-quality films tackling environmental issues", Artistic Director Karl Spoerri points out. "Many of these films were made years or months ago, long before the recent climate demonstrations, once again proving that art is a seismograph of the times, often anticipating issues that matter to people."


A retrospective is dedicated to the German blockbuster director Roland Emmerich, who will receive the career award “A Tribute to…”. “Emmerich stands for an intelligent mainstream cinema that reflects the times, and does so with such films as The Day After Tomorrow, which dealt with global warming,” comment the Festival Directors Karl Spoerri und Nadja Schildknecht.


This year, the festival guests will be brought with electric vehicles to the cinema. “We are delighted to have secured Mercedes-Benz as a new Main Partner and with them our first fully electric fleet of vehicles”, stresses Nadja Schildknecht. “The immense trust placed in us by the corporate sector confirms that our strategy for sustainability is working.”



Photos: © Zurich Film Festival

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