Sustainability policy in Ireland

With the one-day event Responsible Production for the Screen Sector in Ireland, Screen Skills Ireland brings together creatives who are involved in the Screen Sector in film, TV, post production, VFX as well as animation in order to foster responsible production activity and create more positive and inclusive work environments. The event will also touch on the new requirements linked to the Section 481 tax credit for productions, which requires applicants to propose skills development plans as well as diversity, inclusion, gender, and sustainability initiatives to avail of the credit.


Kicked off with an introduction by Gareth Lee, Skills Development Manager, Screen Skills Ireland, the event will feature a number of panels discussing some of the most important issues facing the industry currently, including skills development, inclusion, diversity, gender, dignity in the workplace, as well as sustainability and green filmmaking. The discussion will highlight various approaches, tools and solutions how film can be produced more environmentally friendly.


The panel on green film production will be chaired by Steven Davenport
Inward Production Manager, Screen Skills Ireland. Among the speakers is the producer and politician John Gormley, the former Lord Mayor of Dublin and Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government who represents the Screen Producers Ireland.


Emellie O’Brien, CEO and Founder of Earth Angel, will share how she manages to make big Hollywood productions such as The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Post as well as The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel series more sustainable. Birgit Heidsiek, Founder of Green Film Shooting, gives an outlook on solutions for sustainable filmmaking while Visual Artist Eleonora McNamara will provide the creatives in Ireland with new possibilities in production design. Further participants of the green film production panel include Geraldine Moloney, Film Distributors’ Association, and Roser Canela-Mas, sustainability expert, BAFTA Albert.


Fran Keaveney from Screen Skills Ireland will chair a panel discussion on Responsible Production and Positive Workplaces. The speakers are
Anneliese O’Callaghan, Head of Production World 2000 , Director Diarmuid Goggins as well as Elaine Geraghty, who represents the Screen Producers Ireland. The panel guests also include Media and Entertainment Consultant Susan Kennedy, Anna Donegan from IBEC Keep Well Mark and Martin Mannion from SIPTU.

The one-day conference Responsible Production for the Screen Sector in Ireland takes place on October 9 at the Alex Hotel in Dublin. Registration is required.


Illustration: © Screen Skills Ireland

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