A tree grows for Green Film Shooting

The Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) and the Regional Hubs for Sustainability Strategies (RENN) honoured Green Film Shooting with the award as the „2019 Sustainability Transformation Project". The award was handed out during the 2019 RENN.tage in Berlin. “This prize means a lot to me. When we started to inform the film and media industry about environmentally friendly approaches in 2013, there was little interest in this subject“, said Birgit Heidsiek, Publisher of Green Film Shooting, at the awards ceremony. „We didn‘t give up but continued to communicate our concern and were supported by the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein. Meanwhile, sustainability is also an issue in the film industry. Thanks to the Fridays-For-Future movement, it got a big boost.“


The Transformation Prize winner is awarded with the planting of an apple tree in Hamburg. The nationwide award that is given to four projects per year, was initiated by the Council for Sustainable Development. Appointed by the German Government in 2001, the goal is to implement projects for the German Sustainability Strategy and to choose concrete field of actions and projects. The Council for Sustainable Development cooperates with the Regional Hubs for Sustainability Strategies which provide a platform for information and networking.


Initiatives on sustainable development and impulses for a social transition were among the topics at the RENN.tage at Forum Factory Berlin, which featured speeches from experts, political discussions as well as various networking opportunities. At the award ceremony, Berlin-based improvisational theatre team frei.wild created spontaneously songs and performances which highlighted the achievements of the four transformation award winners. By taking a few key words, the musicians composed an enchanting song that was dedicated to the German-English language magazine and the corresponding online platform Green Film Shooting.


A transformation prize war also awarded to the initiative Labdoo.org that started an online platform to collect discarded laptops, tablets and smart phones which are donated to institutions such as schools, orphanages, children’s homes and refugee projects. Protection of the climate and data, fairness as well as transparency in the mobile phone communication are the goals of the award-winning project Wetell, whose service is powered with renewables. Another winner of the transformation prize is the GemüseAckerdemie Potsdam that teaches children how they can grow plants and vegetables. The project encourages schools and day care centers to set out vegetable fields, where kids can learn and develop new skills.


Photos: © GFS

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