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With the introduction of the Green Shooting Card, the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (FFHSH) initiated environmentally-friendly production in Germany in 2012. This strategy is now being broadened. Compliance to criteria established by the Green Shooting Card is going to become obligatory. As the FFHSH Director Helge Albers points out, the goal is to shape the entire workflow of productions around the concept of sustainability.


Is environmentally-friendly production going to become a criterion for the FFHSH project support?
In 2012 when we launched the Green Shooting Card, our primary concern was to sensitize the film industry to sustainable shooting practices. Meanwhile, most filmmakers have this topic in mind.
Therefore, we’re taking another step forward. Starting in April 2020, we’re going to require that applicants from majority-German film productions that have been shot in Germany commit themselves to complying to the criteria established by the Green Shooting Card. It’s high time to raise the bar!


What requirements must producers fulfill?
The requirements are based on the specifications found in the Green Shooting Card. Particularly, the areas of catering, mobility, lighting, and general production techniques offer many simple carbon-saving opportunities. For example, we’re supporting production teams with complimentary and comprehensive consulting services. It’s our goal to shape the entire workflow to sustainability. Furthermore, we will also require compliance with minimum ecological standards in film distribution, and we’re going to make it a fixed condition in the application process.


What impact does this have on the financing of a production?
Any additional costs that may be incurred due to sustainable shooting practices are already eligible for support. This is not going to change.


What kind of proof do you require and how do you verify it?
We are pleased to take note that many of the players are making efforts to work sustainably — these include associations, film funds, and many filmmakers. In this respect, we are fundamentally convinced that a large part of the industry is pursuing this objective and that it is effectively enhancing the production workflow because they have set their sights on the future. Invoices, inventory lists, contracts, and daily call sheets serve as proof. A carbon calculator is helpful, for example, to test the effectiveness of measures that have been applied on a shoot.


How is the Green Shooting Card going to go national?
Awareness of sustainability as well as of environmental protection has grown significantly over the past two years. Thanks to initiatives like “Fridays for the Future", we are witnessing a new perception of ecology on a national as well as pan-European level. We want to ride this trend. We’re also working on implementing the Green Shooting Card on a national level. Because this is certain: The future belongs to green film production.


Photo: © Jasper Erich/FFHSH, Kivik Kuvik/Junafilm

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