Styros to stay

Styros made of Styrofoam is damaging the environment and it often doesn’t even last very long. Under certain conditions, as when it carries heavier loads, foam core snaps and crumbles. In the best of circumstances, it ends up in the plastic waste bin on set. But there is a more environmentally-friendly solution for Styros.


The Cologne-based company Maier Bros. developed 1 x 2 meter paper frames. This frame for Styros is a sturdy honeycombed paper. It’s sealed with an ultra-thin coating for moisture proofing. The frames are much more stable but they are also half as thick, so they also save space.



DoPs and gaffers can choose between five different surfaces in variations such as white, silver, matt, and black, all of which come with a holder. Used frames can get a new Styros cover. Before using it outside for the first time, the edges need to be sealed against humidity.


For the recycling process, the gaffer tape should be removed. The styros can be recycled in paper and cardboard bins. The only exception is the styro with the silver surface. As composite material, it requires a different recycling process.


Photo/Video: © Maier Bros.

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