Greening the Dutch film industry

An increasing number of regions and countries are choosing approaches to support the transition towards sustainable film production. All across Europe, more than fifteen regional film funds already developed green initiatives and implemented ecological requirements in their guidelines. Furthermore, 28 CineRegio members signed a Manifesto for Sustainable Filmmaking and declared to visibly promote sustainable policies and make them achievable for the film and television industry and its funding agencies.


Since several years there are also various approaches in the Netherlands to introduce the film and television industry to environmental-friendly practices. The Utrecht University is hosting the online presentation Greening Media Industries. Lara Hendrikx and Marijn Kallenberg from the Sustainable Development master program of Utrecht University will give an overview of different modes of environmental governance which provides insights in ways to make the Dutch film industry more sustainable.


They will present examples of measures that are implemented in different national and regional film sectors in Europe and highlight best practices to encourage sustainable filmmaking. The presentation is followed by a discussion with Bridget Conor, King’s College London; Fieke Spoler, Utrecht University; Luca Barra, Università di Bologna; Michał Pabiś-Orzeszyna, Uniwersytet Łódzki and Skadi Lois, Film University Babelsberg  Konrad Wolf.


Chaired by Judith Keilbach, Associate Professor and Program Director MA Film and Television Studies, Utrecht University, it will be discussed how can a transformative change of the film industry be set in motion and which stakeholders may stimulate such a change. Another key question is if  it is enough to rely on self-governance or should to-down policies be implemented.


The online event takes place on January 20 from 9.30 to 11 am. If you are interested to attend the session, please R.S.V.P. before 19 January 2021.


Photo: © Ramon Mangold/NFF

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