A call for sustainabilty

For the second time, the Location Guide magazine is giving out the Makers and Shakers Award in the category Sustainability. After being on the short list in 2020, Green Film Shooting has the honour to serve on the jury.


The Sustainability Award will will be given out to a campaign or initiative which aims at significantly reducing the carbon footprint of a production while enhancing the production process and maximizing screen value. Entries can be submitted by production Companies, producers, production service Companies, pxecutive Producers, line producers, set designers, studios, film commissions, organisations or associations of professionals.


Applicants are asked to explain how their product, service or initiative has resulted in a reduced carbon impact in a particular area of production or the whole production. Applicants should try to provide data to quantify the carbon reductions which are being detailed wherever possible. The entries can be submitted online.

Photo: © Shutterstock.com

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