Green Week at Venice Film Festival

At the 78th Venice International Film Festival, the Green Week kicked off with various events on sustainable film and media production. As part of the industry section Venice Production Bridge, the Green Week conferences are taking place in the Excelsior Hotel on the Lido from September 6 – 9, 2021. Initiated by the Sardegna Film Commission and the Green Cross with the support of the Italian Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Film4Climate, the four-day event features environmental-friendly approaches and best practices which are taken across the entire film chain from script writing up via production up to exhibition.


The event kicked of with a press conference. For the tenth time, the Green Drop Award will be given out in Venice. In the past, the award was given out to filmmakers such as Terry Gilliam and the Academy Award winning directors Alfonso and Alfredo Cuarón who are convinced that we need to change completely our economic model and establishing a new one.  “Changing to efficient lightbulbs or reducing waste, for example, should be just common sense. But we cannot stop there, we have to go further”, said Alfredo Cuarón. “We must remember that environmental impact eventually has a social impact. What happens to our forests and rivers, for example, inevitably affects people as well.”


"A better world is possible: our future must be green and sustainable” is the motto of "Territori e cinema" conference that that place in collaboration with the Ministry for Culture. Nevina Satta, CEO of the Sardegna Film Commission, and Cristina Priarone, President of the Italian Film Commisions, will present best practice examples. For the cinema of the next generation it is necessary to create new models that are innovative and ecologically responsible.


This challenge starts with storytelling. At the panel discussion “Celebrating the ecological transition – from Eco-Thriller to Cinema Tourism” Antonio Tirotto and Annamaria Granatello, President of Premio Solinas, will discuss how audiovisuals, languages and genres can innovate the narrative of sustainability.


The conference "Sustainable screens" will focus on measures to operate cinemas more eco-friendly by efficient use of power, heat and air conditioning as well as powering cinemas with renewables. The keynote speaker Birgit Heidsiek, Green Cinema consultant of the German Federal Film Board (FFA) will present measures that can be taken in the areas of energy efficiency, renewables, concession and waste management. The panel discussion will bring together speakers from the Ministry for Ecological Transition, the renewable energy provider GSA, the ANEC cinema association and the ANICA Cinema Industry Organization. The closing event of the Green Week will the presentation of the 2021 Green Drop Award.


Photo: © GFS

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