Green media panel at Les Arcs Film Festival

Every industry can contribute and fight climate change by reducing its carbon footprint. In the film industry we often focus on film production but, of course, to take actions in any step of the  production and distribution chain. At the 2021  Les Arcs Film Festival, the Media Club Green and Green Film Shooting are hosting the discussion Digital Era: Environmental Impact of Television and Cinema. Moderrated by Julien Tricard and Birgit Heidsiek, the experts William Pickett, Dimpact, UK, and Cedric Lejeune, Workflowers, France, will give an insight into the complexity of the energy use and carbon footprint of the digital media sector.


The topics that will be tackled include the technical requirements and conditions for producers, the environmental impact of data transmission, the complexity by taking into account the carbon footprint of digital workflows as well as the constantly shifting technological systems. Furthermore, it makes a difference in what kind of resolution content is made available. Within the last fifteen years, the industry went from SD to HD up to 4K/UHD and can even deliver content in 8K nowadays, which increases the energy consumption.


Do consumers have a choice? What roles are the broadcasters playing? Is digital always more environmentally-friendly? And what is about the continuing software updates which demand new professional equipment and consumer devices, while the growing hardware obsolescence increases the need for rare metals. The so called rare metals aren’t actually rare but the mining often leads to the harmful exploitation of the earth and human resources.


Stay tuned for the discussion Digital Era: Environmental Impact of Television and Cinema which takes place at Les Arcs Film Festival in the Manoir Savole conference room on December 12 at 5  pm.


Photo: © Caroline Lequeux/Les Arcs Film Festival



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