Filmhybrid supplies energy for a shooting day

The Cologne-based film equipment provider Maier Bros., as well as the newly founded company Kemama, applied the principle of phase balancing to the Filmhybrid 30/60, an innovative power supply system based on an electric utility car. The 110 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery is used for driving the vehicle as well as for operating the power inverter, which has a performance capability of 60 kW distributed to three phases of 20 kW (24 kVA).


“Each available power grid connection can be integrated into the power supply via bidirectional inputs and outputs”, explains Niels Maier, the owner of Maier Bros. and co-founder of Kemama. “Power grid connections may also be used now for the power supply. Under previous circumstances, it would not have been enough to provide a power supply for larger lighting units.”


This also works at Type-2 car charging stations. During the grid feed, the three input phases are always being equally loaded, even if there is an asymmetrical load connected to the output, for example, with an18 kW lighting unit. “The days when a large load requirement on film productions is necessary are usually few and far between”, says Niels Maier. “Most of the time less energy is required. Therefore, an efficient battery size is one that can be depleted and charged as often as possible.”


The FH 30/60 has enough energy on board to support a ten-hour shooting day with constant 30 kW and has a maximum continuous performance of 60 kW. If the charging level of the battery is no longer sufficient, then the 20 kVA range extender, with an EU stage V exhaust emission standard, kicks in. C.A.R.E. fuel is recommended for the operation of the generator. The power supply of the control and on-board electronics is generated by a photovoltaic system even during longer periods of down time.


Photos: ©Maier Bros./GFS

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