Island of opportunities

Implementing interdisciplinary approaches to green production practices with scientists,
artists, and local communities, the Sardegna Film Commission (SFC) is creating new role models for the audio-visual industry. Nevina Satta, CEO of the Sardegna Film Commission, on creative collaborations and the Sustainability Standard for Animation.


The Sardegna Film Commission kicked off green
production practices about a decade ago. Where
does it stand today?
It has been an amazing journey! It’s our tenth
Anniversary, and Sardinia has meanwhile developed a fully-fledged audio-visual ecosystem with a new generation of local producers who have been trained in EU co-production standards, and they are fully advocating sustainable protocols in film and TV production. Disney will launch The Little Mermaid globally, which was shot entirely in Sardinia in 2022 with an extended green protocol. It’s an amazing production where our love for the planet, and where the challenges of living on the island have magically come to life.


Where do you see the largest potential for change?
Entrepreneurs, scientists, and artists are working together to develop new stories with the community; innovative formats to present our native cultural traditions; and the maintenance of traditional biodiversity. All this is being accomplished by producing new formats and unique facilities, which combine public and private investments.


How can regions benefit from sustainable action plans?
The community’s ambitions grow with its capabilities, and we love the surprises that arise from creativity and hope. Despite the financial crisis and the high unemployment rate, the demand for training in sustainable management and leadership is high. We organized this new employment format as a film foundation in collaboration with the public employment agency.


Besides live action films, green production is as also applicable to animation. What developments are taking place in this field?
Animation is an open vehicle for empathy,
talent, and global investments. It’s a genuine opportunity for our island. It has opened outstanding opportunities in Sardinia. We are developing the Sustainability Standard for Animation in partnership with the Italian Association of Animation Producers. We are honored to rise to the challenge of upcoming developments in best practices and partnerships.


The Sardegna Film Commission collaborates internationally with film funds and other organizations at various levels of engagement. Why is a united approach crucial?
I believe strongly in the role of public institutions and civic service. It is part of our European identity to invest in the community, in our history, and in future generations. I was recently elected as a board member of the European Film Academy. I believe that we should be united in diversity. As artists, producers, visionaries, craftspersons, legislators, and institutions, we have the privilege of creating frame by frame, fund by fund, and screen by screen, the imaginings of a sustainable, inclusive, and creative community. We must dare to be creative and hopeful Europeans who rely on science and innovation to give voice to those yet unheard, so that we may envision new opportunities for our future. And it’s crucial to stop wasting time!


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